I Believe In Becca

As soon as you see her smile, you’ll never forget Rebecca Goeckeritz. Her smile is a reflection of her soul, which is like all the pure light in heaven packed into one tiny woman shining out to the world. Becca has been lighting up every room, and warming up every heart for about thirty-three years now, and I’ve been blessed to have her as my friend for the past eight years. Becca is “family”. She’s another dear sister who performs with me in the Tabernacle Choir organization as a violinist in the Orchestra on Temple Square.


Looking at a photo of Becca’s beautiful smiling face, you wouldn’t imagine the incredible physical and emotional challenges she has dealt with since suffering a tragic accident as a toddler. Becca doesn’t let anything get in her way! [She even finished a Marathon a couple of years ago (her inspiring story was told here]!

I love her so much. I know you will, too! Meet Becca, my hero.

Tell Becca You Believe In Her!

As you can see, Becca’s enthusiasm for life is contagious! She is a very independent woman who gives something every day to others.

But now, Becca needs some help from you and me.

Sadly, her kidneys are “not cooperating.” 😥 Thankfully, her mother is a match and an eager donor. But, as you know with transplant surgeries there will be steep costs involved – both financially, physically and emotionally.

If you would like to help, you can vist Becca’s YouCaring page, and most of all, you can include her in your prayers for a successful surgery, and a long and joyful life with her wonderful, darling husband Isaac.

Thank you! ♥ – MoSop



  1. Wow! What an inspiration. I’m sitting here with tears. What a beautiful young woman. We’ll never know this side of Heaven why things like her accident happen, but we do know that God still has a plan, no matter how things look. She has overcome so much. It’s sad to me that people look up to sports figures, who have so much given to them, when someone like Becca is the real hero.

    I will for sure pray for her. Thank you for sharing her story.

    Love you, Lynne


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