Sing Hallelujah! MoTab’s Sunday Film Shoot

March 1st, 2016 is fast approaching! I hope you are planning to add your voice by then to the Largest Virtual Hallelujah Chorus with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! Yesterday the Choir was involved in a high tech filming shoot.  I was participating for about 3 hours, but it lasted collectively well over 7 hours and involved hundreds of people – all in preparation for the epic video releasing March 13th.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we did!

A large film crew overseeing the project with “flying” camera equipment
The Tabernacle dome is enveloped in special blue lighting (oh my goodness, wouldn’t it be so awesome if we get to keep those lights?!!)
The Tabernacle Choir ladies – in white – congratulate singing guests who joined for part of the film shoot [can you see me? ;)]

Watch the 2News Story with even more behind-the-scenes of this filming event – HERE.

So, the stage is set, the Choir has sung their part, LOTS and LOTS of people have participated already, and the video is all prepped … now, we await the entire world to respond to the invitation.

When you send in a recording of yourself singing Handel’s Messiah at your virtual self will be projected onto those beautiful blue walls of the Tabernacle, and you will see yourself singing along with the Choir in the video.

How cool is that?! 

Videos are already coming in!

You don’t need to be a professional singer, or formally trained, or anything close to “perfect” to do this.

Your only qualification is a love for singing.

And, who doesn’t love to sing, right?!

Submission deadline is next Tuesday March 1, 2016.

Go to the official website to download your specific part [Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass] which you can then listen to and sing along with while wearing headphones.

Everyone is invited to join in this effort to sing the praises of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection! It does not matter if you are LDS, Catholic, Baptist, or any other denomination—you are invited to participate. You can even reach out to your church choir and help them create and upload a video, if you want.

Yes, you can sing with a group of your family or friends, or even record as an entire choir. And ALL AGES are encouraged (a legal guardian simply needs to give permission for anyone under age 18).

Can you tell that I am excited about this?

YES!! I am very very excited. There is honestly nothing I love to sing more than Handel’s Messiah, and being able to sing it with people from all over the entire world in this amazing technological event gives me goosebumps.

The video will release on March 13th, 2016 – just in time for Easter.

The purpose of this Easter initiative is for Christians from around the world to come together to sing praises and proclaim that Jesus Christ the Messiah lives!

Will you be singing Hallelujah with the Choir? Let me know in the comments below! ♥ –  MoSop

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