Keepers Of The Light

Day 14: Gratitude for the Light of of The World ♥

Today I am thankful for spiritual light and knowledge that comes in and through our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ.


I came across a beautiful quote that I’ve been pondering a lot today:

“Every human being is born with the light of faith kindled in his heart as on an altar, and that light burns and the Lord sees that it burns, during the period before we are accountable.

When accountability comes then each of us determines how we shall feed and care for that light. If we shall live righteously that light will glow until it suffuses the whole body, giving to it health and strength and spiritual light as well as bodily health. If we shall live unrighteous, that light will dwindle and finally almost flicker out. Yet it is my hope and my belief that the Lord never permits the light of faith wholly to be extinguished in any human heart, however faint the light may glow.


The Lord has provided that there shall still be there a spark which, with teaching, with the spirit of righteousness, with love, with tenderness, with example, with living the Gospel, shall brighten and glow again, however darkened the mind may have been.

And if we shall fail so to reach those among us of our own whose faith has dwindled low, we shall fail in one of the main things which the Lord expects at our hands.”

– J. Ruben Clark, Conference Report, Oct. 1936


We are Keepers and Givers of The Light

We can be defenders and protectors of that light. We can choose to build the flame of faith brightly inside our own soul so we can increase the warmth, power and comfort of the light in every soul we meet.


When we light a candle it does not put out our flame, but increases the light. So it is when we share our light of faith and kindness with others, our own light grows!

What have you done today to keep your light shining bright?

How have you helped increase the light for another?

P.S. They’re connected! – MoSop

Here is my favorite song about this subject.

I love your comments! ♥

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