A Thankful Heart

Day 22: Giving Thanks for Each Day

“Live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies and blessings which God doth bestow upon you.” – Alma 34:38

An Attitude of Gratitude

It is the eve of the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the United States. I’ve blogged multiple posts in the past regarding this special day. In fact, it appears that some of my most consistent blogging takes place in November.

There is always so much to be grateful for.

Tomorrow we will be spending our Thanksgiving Day with Mr. Mo’s side of the family (we rotate years between his extended family and mine). We are holding the Turkey feast at Grandpa Bob’s house. There will be 25 people – which is not the whole family, but we are grateful so many will be gathering.


We will be eating turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, candied yams, cranberry sauce, salads, corn… and of course… lots and lots of pie.

thanksgiving pie

This year everyone was invited to bring a pie to share.

Since at least a couple of people are bringing the traditional pumpkin pie, Mr. Mo and I are bringing three of our favorites: Triple Berry, Lemon Meringue, and Chocolate Cream.

Of course the most important part of any Thanksgiving feast is the PEOPLE that we get a chance to gather with. We haven’t seen Mr. Mo’s side of the family very much. In fact, some of them we haven’t seen since our sweet Grandma Elaine’s funeral.

I’m so grateful that we can be together again.

Live In Thanksgiving Daily

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Live in #Thanksgiving daily!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

What are you giving thanks for today?

I love your comments! ♥

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