Lights, Singing, Action!

‘Tis the Season of Light! ‘Tis the Season of Music! ‘Tis the Season of Rehearsing, and Memorizing! …and Rehearsing, and Memorizing!… ♪♫♪♫

Last night as I quickly walked across Temple Square I enjoyed a brief glimpse of the beautiful Christmas lights twinkling all around me… right before I ducked inside the Tabernacle for rehearsal.

Everything is starting to feel magical! (and just slightly frantic)

Christmas Concert Is Coming

We have a lot of music to learn in a short amount of time – and there are still more new compositions being finished that we will be memorizing within just a few short days before opening night!

Our Christmas concert is just two weeks away! Dec. 13-16th at the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City. This year our guest artists are Sutton Foster (of Broadway fame) and Hugh Bonneville (Earl of Grantham on Downton Abbey). It’s going to be wonderful! (hint: If you don’t have a ticket, please come anyway! There is standby seating and plenty of overflow seating…plus, there’s the lights!)

A scene from a past Christmas Concert

I’m excited for tomorrow night’s rehearsal when we will be in the Conference Center for the first Christmas rehearsal. That means I will get my first sneak peek of this year’s scenery and theme! [shhhh… ‘Tis the Season for Surprises! You’ll have to come if you want to find out!] 😉

What Am I Doing Christmas Eve?

My dear friend Joyce reached out to me a couple weeks ago asking if I would be willing to sing for her Episcopal Church Christmas Eve service. They needed me to sing with their Choir, and also as a soloist. I admit, my first reaction was “Oh no! How can I possibly take on one more thing?!” But, Mr. Mo and I have grown close to all our dear Episcopal friends. We used to garden in their community garden plot, and we have worked with them on their annual Harvest Fest. We have attended their funerals, and weddings … and besides, what a gift to be able to sing for a Christmas Eve service! So, off we went tonight – Mr. Mo and I together – to Episcopal choir rehearsal – and we were warmly welcomed. ♥

Here is one of the beautiful songs that we will be performing together. I am so lucky to be the Soprano soloist! The lyrics are from a 15th Century English carol – and isn’t this arrangement by the gifted Stephen Main lovely!

Find Your Song…

This lovely quote was on the wall in the Episcopal choir room. I LOVE IT!

“The world was sung into existence.
If you know the song, you can find your way about like a map.
The world is to be read as a musical score.
Each newborn baby inherits a part of the song as its birthright.
So go and find your song!”

– Australian Aborigine ‘Songlines’

Living Water

This gorgeous painting is hanging on the wall in the Episcopal choir room. It is called “Living Water” by Roger Loveless. (see John 4:14) I think this is definitely my new favorite painting of Jesus.

Living Water by Roger Loveless


We were treated to seeing these pretty lights on our drive home from Episcopal Choir rehearsal.

Oh, what a most wonderful time of year! Doesn’t it just make you want to clap your hands in delight? I hope you are enjoying all of it as much as I am.

Stay tuned for more! – MoSop

P.S. I still do not have my Christmas tree and lights up! Do you? Yikes! Obviously, there’s been no time. I sure hope I can make my house look as festive as I feel.

I love your comments! ♥

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