Christmas Carol Marathon

I just got home from a whirlwind Christmas music choir rehearsal “marathon”! We have sooooo many songs to perform this weekend, and sooooo much music to learn and memorize for the next two weeks. Tonight we needed to run through all of the songs just for this Sunday. We have two performances. First, Sunday morning’s regular broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word [watch it LIVE here at 9:30 am MT], PLUS all of the songs for Sunday night’s annual First Presidency Christmas Devotional [watch it LIVE at 6:00 PM MT].

That’s a whole lotta music right there .. but WAIT! There’s MORE! We also have all of the songs for Sunday December 10 Broadcast, and all of the songs for our upcoming Christmas Concerts [Dec. 14-16] (not to mention all of the additional Sunday broadcasts throughout December)…


Needless to say, tonight was NON-STOP-SINGING for two and a half hours. We never sang through any of the songs more than twice, and then quickly moved on to something else. We also received three brand new compositions in our folders tonight that we need to memorize for the Christmas Concerts (and there will probably be two more). This is how we roll.

These kind of rehearsals are both exhausting, and exhilarating.

They’re my favorite!


I cannot say one word about the  upcoming Christmas Concerts lest I give away the surprise – except I will tell you that if you are going to be anywhere near Salt Lake City December 14-16 this year you MUST come to this concert! It is going to be really exciting and completely fantastic! You will be so glad you came. If you didn’t get a ticket (they are all distributed) you can still come. The concerts are always FREE to the public – and if you don’t have a ticket there is a stand-by line that meets in the Tabernacle.

Seriously. You don’t want to miss this one.

And that’s all I can say!  😉

Christmas Concert 2015

Happy Home-iversary!

One year ago today on November 30, 2016 Mr. Mo and I signed all of the paperwork to officially own our new home. It’s officially been ours for one full year.


Wow. That year went by so fast. I LOVE my new house so much! It’s been the perfect place for us. But, I do still have unpacked boxes in the garage, lots of things are still in a storage unit waiting to be sorted and “dealt with”, and I still have bare walls waiting for decorating … so, yeah, it still feels really new.

Well… maybe January I’ll tackle those boxes. The most important thing is to find time to put up a Christmas tree and hang a few festive lights on our front porch (I really really want lights…)

Meanwhile, it’s CHRISTMAS MARATHON TIME … and here is a fun song to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Love, MoSop


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