December Bright And Clear

Happy First Day of December everyone!

Can you believe we’ve reached the final month of the year already? I’ve spent my evening in true hectic holiday mode. Dinner with family, then several hours frantically shopping, then trying to hang the lights I purchased for the outside of our house, but of course all kinds of drama ensued…

And now I’ve come back inside to warm up, regroup and remind myself (yet again – because it’s a continual reminding process) the true reason for the season.

I hope this will be a truly Bright and Clear December for you! – MoSop

One December bright and clear, early in the morning
Mary pressed her newborn near, kissed him so adoring
Angels sing and shepherds shout! All good creatures turn about
Ring the bells of joy, ev’ry chime employ
Make them sing til they bring heavens wond’rous glory
Tell the Christmas story

That December day at noon, from a steaming kettle
Mary bathed her tiny boy, in the creche to settle
Doves that coo and lambs that bleat, come and see the Mercy Seat
Ring the bells of peace, Let the sounds increase
Make them soar, ’til they pour heaven’s hope and glory
Spread the Christmas Story

As that Winter’s eve drew nigh, in the stable lowly
Mary laid her head to rest, on the Baby holy
People far and people near, rest your sorrows, take good cheer
Ring the gladsome bells, Blessed tidings tell
For He brings, in His wings heaven’s healing glory
Sing the Christmas story

– Lyrics by David Warner, Music by Mack Wilberg

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