Savoring Seattle And A Final Farewell

Day 15 – MoTab Tour ❤ Monday 2 July 2018 – Seattle, Washington

The final full day of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s 2018 Summer Classic Coast Tour was spent in a lovely sunshiny Seattle, Washington – with a marvelous “cherry on top” final concert.

Choir and Orchestra members had free time until rehearsal call time, and guests had free time until the concert began. The tour was starting to take its toll physically, so Mr. Mo and I opted for extra rest and slept in. However, we looked forward to our much-anticipated lunch!


Mr. Mo and I met up with friends Rebecca and Susie at The Crab Pot seafood restaurant on the pier. I’ve never had a lobster/clam bake before, so this was a new experience! The process is thus:

Put on your bib

Prepare to be amazed

Grab your hammer and dig in!



I really wanted to ride The Great Wheel to see the city from high up.

great wheel seattle

I managed to talk Mr. Mo into coming with me, but Rebecca and Susie could not be persuaded. We ended up enjoying fantastic views and actually got to spend a decent amount of time inside our private, air conditioned car (although each time I moved back and forth to take photos it the car would swing, which was a bit disconcerting! 🙂


Of course we had to take an Uber over to see Seattle’s most famous landmark – the Space Needle. We didn’t have any desire to go up to the top. Mr. Mo and I have done that years ago (although it was a rainy and foggy day and we couldn’t see anything). We were content to just walk around and take photos.


Kids were having a lot of fun playing in this space-age fountain.


This kind of reminded me of that creepy doll creation from Toy Story…. Just saying. 🙂



It was time for Rebecca and I to head off to rehearsal, and Mr. Mo and Susie each headed in different directions for their own adventures while waiting for show time.

The Benaroya Hall marquee showed that our concert was SOLD OUT… and that is always an extra exciting thing to know that every seat would be full.

Dress Rehearsal in Seattle
Dress Rehearsal


OK. It’s not really five thousand, it’s closer to 500. But, it always feels like that when the Choir, Orchestra, stage crew and staff get in line for a meal! In this case, we got in the queue for a really nice dinner served in the lobby of the theater before rushing back stage to change into our performance wardrobe, and then line up again for our final concert of the tour!


During our rehearsal and dinner, this fun TV report was being filmed.

There was a little tug at my heart realizing I was saying goodbye to my bells (I love to be a “ringer” on tour)


And, another big tug at my heart and tear in my eye knowing this was the final concert of the tour. Our audience was so warm and welcoming. From my vantage point I caught a few glimpses of people wiping away tears. That always touches me deeply.  That is what being on this tour is all about. This is why I sing, and what brings me the greatest joy being a member of the Choir.

Tomorrow we would be boarding a bus at 3:00 am to head to the airport, and then home.

God Be With You, ‘Til We Meet Again. – MoSop

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing its final 2018 Tour concert in Benaroya Hall, Seattle

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