The Thanksgiving Song

A few years back [2014 to be exact] I set out to find every song I could about the Thanksgiving holiday. There weren’t many. So, I included songs about giving thanks, counting blessings, and being grateful – which helped expand the list a bit. You can peruse them here.

Nothing new has come along, until now.

A young singer-songwriter with a lot of talent has just released The Thanksgiving Song, and he’s set it to one of the most captivating videos I’ve ever seen. [I admit, I’ve re-watched it at least a dozen times!]. Ben Rector is home based in Nashville, Tennessee and shared this back-story;

When I started putting together the Christmas album, I realized I hadn’t ever heard a Thanksgiving song. I feel like everyone has an emotional connection and a lot of memories around Thanksgiving, just like they do Christmas, so I did my best to write a song that honored that. I hope this song captures the magic and nostalgia that we all look forward to at Thanksgiving. I also secretly hope that this becomes the official theme song for Thanksgiving (this is both based on that I think the song is a very good Thanksgiving song and also that it is the only Thanksgiving song).

Ben Rector


Side Notes: I can’t help feeling bitter-sweet watching this video. The irony is that most of us won’t [or shouldn’t] be having our traditional feasts this year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you live in an area with restrictions or experiencing severe COVID-19 spread, please go ahead and cancel your Thanksgiving plans. I’m crying, too. But, this is serious. Family gatherings are the number one super spreader events and I really want each and every one of you – plus your loved ones – to remain alive and well. There is so much more to look forward to on the other side of this plague! We don’t need any more empty chairs. It is also up to each of us to protect our hospitals and caregivers during these holidays. They can’t handle more surge.

Now, while this year’s holidays might be very quiet, different affairs, this song is a bright little gift that helps us remember how sweet all the feelings of Thanksgiving are! It is a great reminder of how fabulous our 2021 celebrations will be! ♥

Thank you Ben, for giving the world a very timely, and lovely, “official theme song for Thanksgiving”! – Holly


  1. What a sweet song. Sounds like a song from “back in the day”, not one written by a young man in these days. He’s an old soul.

    I’ve already told my sons not to expect to see me on Thanksgiving or Christmas. I just don’t go around people that I have no idea who they’ve been around. I’ve told them I will be quarantining until there is a vaccine and I’ve taken it. I hate that, but I’m super careful. I know if I got the virus, I’d be gone. I don’t mind dying, but I don’t want to go that way.

    Be safe Holly. Love to you and your family, Lynne

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  2. Beautiful! And cute video too. I agree though. It was sad when he said, fill your home with family. We can’t and shouldn’t. I pray that we can hang onto the hope of future Thanksgivings and future gatherings of family and friends. In the meantime, we can invite God to our table, visit with friends virtually and pray that He gets us through this.

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