Taking The Long Way To Paradise

This year Jeff and I have been enjoying a unique opportunity to run a different race each month sponsored by St. George City Races. It is called the SGR FLEX SERIES. The start time for runners is “Flexible” during the hours of the event – which means you show up, put on your race bib, and start! Easy peasy. This allows for plenty of ‘social distancing’ along the course, and meant that we could participate. During the COVID mask-mandate runners would simply make certain they remained masked at the start and finish lines, or whenever in close proximity to other runners. Easy peasy.

Quite frankly, we have loved the entire idea of the “flex” start time [we really wish all races would start doing this!]. It has allowed us to have plenty of time to make the 4 hour road trip down to St. George on race-day and not have to pay for a hotel stay.

This race not only provides a finisher medal [they’re magnetic and inter-lock with all the other medals in the series to create one giant medal at the end] they also give you a pair of fun themed socks! [really love the sock idea – they are so useful! We’ve collected wayyyy too many race T-Shirts].

May 2021 SGR Flex Series Race medal and socks

This is a 9-race series. The first three races Jan/Feb/March were Road Races increasing in length 5K/10K/15K. The second trio April/May/June are Trail Runs. Thankfully, there will be no races in July or August [in St. George, those would be killer hot]. The final set will be Climbing Challenges in Sept/Oct/Nov.


Saturday May 29, 2021 – The starting line was at a Junior High School somewhere on the southwestern edge of St. George City. Way back where the homes end and the desert really begins! [although, new construction shows signs to be slowly encroaching].

Our trail du jour was a 3.5 mile loop … or, if you are us, make that 5 miles. Because, you know by now, mis-adventuring is how we roll.

There was a tropical theme this month, which was quite fitting since it was pushing into the mid-90s Fahrenheit! But, despite the heat, the desert has such aa powerful beauty. I love natures palette of colors in Southern Utah. There are always treasures to be found. Just be sure to bring plenty of water and sun protection!

Off We Go!

Well, although we were the last of the day to cross the finish line our awesome race team just kept waiting for us [baking in the sun…]!

It turns out, it is believed the chalk line in the sand got disturbed by an off-road jeep which is how we were led astray.

But, we made it back alive. And it was a great adventure! Time for a tiny hula dance and a large cold beverage! – Holly

The Cool Crew!

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