Miracle Landing of Flight 1549

Waiting On The Wing
Waiting On The Wing

By now the story of Thursday’s US Airways crash landing into the Hudson River is considered “old news”, however I would still like to personally acknowledge the dramatic event.

Once in a while a story comes along that really grabs at the heart, and reminds us that miracles are real. In a world filled with sadness, pain, and tragic news, it is important to remember that good things can happen, too. Of course, it would have been better if a certain flock of geese had chosen a different flight path on Thursday (for their sakes, as well as Flight 1549!). The resulting heart-stopping panic of those aboard, the wreckage of a large airliner, and a very cold rescue effort can’t really be classified under “good news”. However, the loss of  human life and critical injury that could have happened, was avoided. And that is very good news.

Everyone aboard was safely brought to shore. Kathryn Skaggs wrote a beautiful post over at her “Well Behaved” blog that I can’t top. So, I encourage you to read her post. Before you go, you may want to watch this nice little summary video, created by Brian60093 at YouTube.

The video rightly gives thanks to pilot “Sully”. One more man to thank would be our Heavenly Father. He has blessed our brothers and sisters aboard Flight 1549 with the chance to continue their earthly journey. What will they do with this gift, I wonder? Only time will tell for them. However, one thing we all can be sure of is that there are many more miracles to come.


  1. It has been a wonderful blessing, to see the Hand of God, with such beauty and clarity. I loved the video that you have posted. It brings a reverence, to what is seen by many today – as a modern miracle.

    Kathryn Skaggs


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