And Now I See

As I endured another morning of snail-paced highway traffic during another typical frantic commute to the office, I happened to turn my head slightly to the left, and up – just in time to witness the exact moment the sun peeked over the top of the Rocky Mountains. It was a stunning sight, and suddenly, my very ordinary morning, with its very ordinary routine was transformed into something very extraordinary.

In that moment, I saw the dark purple and brown hues of the jagged peaks contrasting majestically with the watercolor sky of oranges, reds, pinks, yellows and blues. The entire horizon seemed to shimmer and dance in joyful anticipation for the dawn. In amazement, I became eye-witness to the birth of a new day – a  priceless, brilliant moment of earthly splendor – all because I had simply lifted my eyes away from the mundane!

I sensed a new awakening. Although my body had risen from bed two hours earlier, and had been functioning through my regular routine just like any other morning. . . I realized that until I looked up – and really SAW the beauty of my world – I’d been “asleep” the whole time. Then, when I saw the sunshine breaking over the mountain and the sky exploding with color,  my whole soul awoke!

And, I felt pure JOY!

Not only did I feel happy about my morning commute, my vision expanded. I saw how much my husband loves me – and how sweet it is that he always tries to get up 10 minutes earlier so he can be the one to make me breakfast. . . [thank him]. I saw that my beautiful 16 yr old daughter really does want my approval, even though she rolls her eyes and acts like she doesn’t care. . . and also how she really doesn’t know how incredibly beautiful she is. . . [keep telling her]. I saw how hard my eldest daughter is working – how diligent and responsible and good she is. . . [encourage her]. I saw how self-less my parents are as they continue to take care of their aging parents – my grandparents – and the many kindnesses they continue to show to hundreds of others, including me. . . [acknowledge them]. I saw every trouble that has been weighing me down lately, but in this new light, they simply weren’t so bad. I saw all the hard things I’ve been through in the past, and how everything has always worked out. . . and, I simply knew . . . It will keep working out, just as faithfully as the sun comes up over those mountains every day.

This entire wonderous vision with accompanying personal revelation took place within micro-seconds. The red break light in front of me stopped flashing,  and I turned my concentration on picking up speed and merging into the correct lane for my exit.  My day continued as usual. . . and yet. . . my sunrise moment did not leave my soul.

I have relived the moment over and over. I realize now that it was actually not the exquisite beauty of the sunrise that awoke my soul. So many things could have done it. . . but, for me, it was the sunrise which was my Father in Heaven’s special tool for opening my inner eye today. He gave me the chance to see and feel His powerful presence – along with a conviction that I was not going through the rest of my day alone. I wondered how many of his special tools and messages I have been missing every single day? Perhaps today’s experience was a small glimpse into what it was like for the “blind man since birth”  the moment Jesus’ hands were removed, and he saw the world for the first time. Each of us can be that man, each and every day.

I hear the stirring lyrics of a beloved hymn sing through my soul.

“For I once was lost, but now am found. Was blind, but now I see.”

What did you see today?


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