A Grand Trio For Mio


This month marks the third blogiversary of my MormonSoprano “experiment”! It is hard to believe that 3 whole years have flown by of my life, let alone of my “Blogger” status!

Three is such a wonderful number. So much symbolism and significance!

Whether one is talking religion, anatomy, science, math, geography, color, music, art, literature, sports…you name it – THREE is powerful hot stuff! Don’t believe me? Just take a glance through Wikipedia’s 3 (number) page – it’s quite illuminating!

Since last year I wrote about Becoming a Blogging Toddler , allow me to muse a bit on this new developmental stage – [hat tip to Parenting Magazine, and PBS Parents]


“Your three-year-old will likely become a picky eater, and begin to refuse certain foods they may have enjoyed in the past, or, go on binges where she will only want to eat certain foods”

So true. I used to devour every website, news article and blog post I could get my hands eyes on. But, true to “three” form, I have become a bit more choosy about my subject matter, the time and places I spend online. Whereas I used to jump at reading every tantalizing title I came across, write about every subject that popped into my mind, and comment on everything I had an opinion about – today, I tend to be slightly more cautious. On the other hand, I often “binge” on Mormon Messages, Seth Adam Smith, Meridian Magazine, Emily Jensen’s daily Bloggernacle treasures, WordPress Freshly Pressed or new templates, and, of course, my own Facebook.


“Your three-year old now spends a lot of time watching and observing”

Three years ago, if something marvelous, interesting, funny, sad, spiritual, or unimportant happened in my life, I suddenly started composing a blog post in my brain about it. I have since learned that not everything can – or should – become a brilliant blog post, nor shared publicly. Today, I can step back and enjoy living my life a bit more as a “selectively private” experience [see #1]. Just like any human being, I still LOVE to read everyone else’s private lives! [Not in a snoopy-borderline-stalker kind of way, but in an I-love-life-too-and-I-love-sharing-it-with-you kind of way]. As much as I would delight to post something every minute hour day, it has simply proved impractical. For the most part, I’ve come to peace with that, and I’ve stopped trying. [OK. Nevermind. I do keep trying. I just don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity]


Always The Diva

“Three-year-olds build on their abilities in the creative arts by developing greater control over their voices and by recognizing, naming and singing their favorite songs.”

Enough said. 🙂

Mormon Soprano looks forward to another year of grand adventures in Blog World. Thank you for sharing the journey!

Please be sure to enjoy a slice of virtual cake, and make a wish, while you listen to Three Soprano’s sing an exquisite trio of “O Mio Babbino Caro”.

P.S. For a grand spiritual feast, I recommend reading “In These Three I Believe” by Gordon B. Hinckley.


  1. Now I see & Puccini was beautiful. Thank you.
    I wish I could be there in Salt Lake City to see the Christmas program. I love to listen to the choir sing and watch the videos of the choir on YouTube. I miss seeing your videos that you had placed there. Thank you again for placing some here.


  2. That was a beautiful rendition by the Soprano Trio. I’m assuming one of them is Mormon Soprano, but I’m not sure which one. Congratulations on having completed three years of blogging. Best wishes to you!


    1. Neil – thank you! However, The Three Sopranos featured in the video are world-renoun Kathleen Cassello , Kallen Esperian , and Cynthia Lawrence. 🙂 [no MoSop – but, she can always dream…]


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