A Grand Trio For Mio


This month marks the third blogiversary of my MormonSoprano “experiment”! It is hard to believe that 3 whole years have flown by of my life, let alone of my “Blogger” status!

Three is such a wonderful number. So much symbolism and significance!

Whether one is talking religion, anatomy, science, math, geography, color, music, art, literature, sports…you name it – THREE is powerful hot stuff! Don’t believe me? Just take a glance through Wikipedia’s 3 (number) page – it’s quite illuminating!

Since last year I wrote about Becoming a Blogging Toddler , allow me to muse a bit on this new developmental stage – [hat tip to Parenting Magazine, and PBS Parents]


“Your three-year-old will likely become a picky eater, and begin to refuse certain foods they may have enjoyed in the past, or, go on binges where she will only want to eat certain foods”

So true. I used to devour every website, news article and blog post I could get my hands eyes on. But, true to “three” form, I have become a bit more choosy about my subject matter, the time and places I spend online. Whereas I used to jump at reading every tantalizing title I came across, write about every subject that popped into my mind, and comment on everything I had an opinion about – today, I tend to be slightly more cautious. On the other hand, I often “binge” on Mormon Messages, Seth Adam Smith, Meridian Magazine, Emily Jensen’s daily Bloggernacle treasures, WordPress Freshly Pressed or new templates, and, of course, my own Facebook.


“Your three-year old now spends a lot of time watching and observing”

Three years ago, if something marvelous, interesting, funny, sad, spiritual, or unimportant happened in my life, I suddenly started composing a blog post in my brain about it. I have since learned that not everything can – or should – become a brilliant blog post, nor shared publicly. Today, I can step back and enjoy living my life a bit more as a “selectively private” experience [see #1]. Just like any human being, I still LOVE to read everyone else’s private lives! [Not in a snoopy-borderline-stalker kind of way, but in an I-love-life-too-and-I-love-sharing-it-with-you kind of way]. As much as I would delight to post something every minute hour day, it has simply proved impractical. For the most part, I’ve come to peace with that, and I’ve stopped trying. [OK. Nevermind. I do keep trying. I just don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity]


Always The Diva

“Three-year-olds build on their abilities in the creative arts by developing greater control over their voices and by recognizing, naming and singing their favorite songs.”

Enough said. 🙂

Mormon Soprano looks forward to another year of grand adventures in Blog World. Thank you for sharing the journey!

Please be sure to enjoy a slice of virtual cake, and make a wish, while you listen to Three Soprano’s sing an exquisite trio of “O Mio Babbino Caro”.

P.S. For a grand spiritual feast, I recommend reading “In These Three I Believe” by Gordon B. Hinckley.


  1. Now I see & Puccini was beautiful. Thank you.
    I wish I could be there in Salt Lake City to see the Christmas program. I love to listen to the choir sing and watch the videos of the choir on YouTube. I miss seeing your videos that you had placed there. Thank you again for placing some here.


    1. Neil – thank you! However, The Three Sopranos featured in the video are world-renoun Kathleen Cassello , Kallen Esperian , and Cynthia Lawrence. 🙂 [no MoSop – but, she can always dream…]


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