“Do You Have Room?” New Christmas Video

Christchild by Joseph Brickey

Last year I had the great privilege to become web friends with LDS composer Shawna Belt Edwards. I blogged about her beautiful Do You Have Room? Song Sensation. This year, Shawna has teamed up with another of my respected LDS artistic friends, blogger/videographer Seth Adam Smith to create a timeless music video gift. I hope that you will feel the loving spirit of our Savior Jesus Christ as you watch, listen, ponder and share. It is my prayer that each of us will always choose to ‘make room’ for the Babe of Bethlehem.

Do You Have Room [For The Savior]?


  1. Thanks for featuring this MoSop! I’m SO excited to see where this video goes. As you’re well aware, it’s a miracle song and video! Thanks for being a part of the miracle and for getting me in contact with Shawna. You’re AMAZING!


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