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Greetings from the road! I am currently on tour with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Today is Day 3 of TOUR (well, technically it is now Day 4 since it’s long after midnight…) and I am in the beautiful city of Indianapolis, Indiana – USA. Unfortunately, my laptop connectivity has been on the blitz since tour began until just now (thanks my awesome new friend and IT genius Bob Walker – BIG SHOUT OUT…woot woot!!). Since I have been trying to rely on my cell phone for all of my connections with the world, blogging has proved especially difficult to negotiate from a 3×5 inch screen using fat fingers…. therefore, necessity being the mother of invention, I have now launched myself into yet another social media tool. (yes, because I don’t enough passwords to remember yet, right?!)

Since Wednesday, I have been sharing tour updates and photos through my new MORMON SOPRANO INSTAGRAM.

2013.06.12_MoTab Tour Day 1
Tour Day 1: Me and my BFF Debby arriving in Columbus, Ohio

I have to admit I’ve never used Instagram before now, and I’m still trying to figure it out…but it seems easy enough to use and works very well on my new Samsung Galaxy III phone. The coolest thing is that it simply auto-links all posts to the Mormon Soprano Twitter and the Mormon Soprano Facebook. Voila! I LOVE multi-tasking with one click! So, I hope that you will come and visit me on any and/or all of these pages. Friend / Follow / Like / etc…With as crazy busy as I am right now, and the unreliable nature of internet connectivity over the next week, those pages will be the best places for you to find me and follow along as I cross the Upper Midwestern States on our 10 day musical trek! 🙂

Twitter Tip: Be sure to follow @MormonTabChoir and watch for Twitter updates using #MoTab!!

The 2013 Mormon Tabernacle Tour has already proved to be an extraordinary event. This is an awesome, amazing and inspiring experience.  Come join me!

– Love, MoSop

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