The Prayer: Song of Healing

“The best songs come through you and not from you,” says David Foster, Grammy award winning composer [and musical genius]. In July 2012 Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins guest starred with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for the annual Pioneer Day Concert in Salt Lake City where she performed one of David Foster’s most famous compositions, “The Prayer”. Just prior to her performance, the audience was treated to a video introduction from the with composer himself. It was a magical moment, and I’m happy that I can share the video of that interview, and Jenkins’ performance with you today.

“Our desire and our need to sing; there’s something that resonates in the body with that sound that’s supposedly healing. Music is so powerful that I believe it helped bring down the [Berlin] wall! A song comes when the feeling can’t be said with dialogue.” – David Foster

David Foster’s song “The Prayer” truly brings healing to the soul, not only for those who hear it performend, but also to the performers who sing it. I love to sing this song, and I love it’s message of faith, peace and hope. – MoSop



  1. Holly-Thank you for this wonderful post. Her voice is amazing and I love the song. Did you notice that when the song lyrics say your to God she changed it to THy and Thine. Very Cool! Love you Mother


  2. You is having a marvelous voice, I was hearing healing song and hope that I will be well. I was today in electrocardiogram, EKG and the docktor will call me tomorrow of it. Pulse was good 45 in minute peaceful heart. If I forgot taken medicines It can come blood strombies. I had to be exact on myself but somethimes I forgot it. The effect of this powerfully voice can heal someone who is not well. It is like massage to ears. This is a good thing to divide


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