We Need A Little Thanksgiving

It’s the day after Halloween and my morning radio alarm woke me to the song “We Need A Little Christmas”. I quickly pushed the snooze button, sure it was some weird dream. The next alarm startled me with children belting out “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”. I groaned and hit Snooze again. The third alarm brought me Johnny Mathis crooning “O Holy Night”… Oh, noooo!! ‘Can’t we just celebrate one holiday at a time please?’  Whatever happened to Thanksgiving?!

I raised this complaint on my Facebook page and one friend responded “Well, what do you expect the radio to play? Can you even name a Thanksgiving song?”

Good point.

Other than the hymn “Prayer of Thanksgiving” I couldn’t come up with any “Thanksgiving” songs off the top of my head. Certainly no ‘popular’ ones, anyway. What a shame.


[OK, all you musicians and composers out there! It’s time to fill a niche! Step up! Answer the challenge! Give us Thanksgiving Songs!]

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! My blog is filled with Christmas Posts, Photos, Crafts, Recipes and of course lots and lots of Christmas Music. It’s one of my favorite topics … But, why give short shrift to our special Season of Thanks? To me, Thanksgiving is not just about the feasting and the football. Thanksgiving is about family, worshiping God, sharing prayer and praise. It’s about gathering together. It’s about formally remembering all of the good in our lives, and even the not-so-good, recognizing what makes us grow, and simply being grateful.

“That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.” – Psalms 26:7


So, I’ve decided to turn off my radio for the next 27 days and seek out Songs of Thanksgiving. I’m determined to find some.

What song would you put on your “Thanksgiving Playlist”?

Happy Thanksgiving Season everyone! Thank you for your friendship! – MoSop

THANK YOU by Brianna Haynes


  1. Dear Holly,

    I agree with you completely. We all have so much to be thankful for. The fact that we live in the USA is a big one. We have the freedom to worship God without fear of prosecution. Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to be lumped into one long drawn out holiday now. I remember when we didn’t even hear a Christmas Carol until well after Thanksgiving. But, maybe it isn’t all bad. If the songs include some sacred Christmas carols, it gives everyone a longer period of time to hear of the Lord. I’ll just take whatever I can get. Thanksgiving and Christmas is the time of year when we can give praise most openly and bring attention to the Lord. Also, generally speaking, most of us have what we need to live a good life. There are those out there, though, who need help, and a lot of us are in a position to be of help. It seems that people who wouldn’t give any other time of year are most open to giving to the underprivileged during this time. So, maybe a longer period of “good will toward men” will do more good than harm. Besides, I love hearing Christmas music, especially if it’s from the MoTab Choir.

    Love, Lynne


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