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Some days are great. My Friday was an exceptionally great day! Emotionally, physically, spiritually. Everything seemed to just align together in perfect harmony. The weather, the body, the people, the food, and the sweet little cherry on top [a movie called HOME]!

The Weather

I woke up to a beautiful warm spring day here in Utah. The flowers on the fruit trees in my backyard were in full bloom – all white and pink and yellow loveliness. The old oak tree is beginning to show signs of green. The birds were singing up a storm. It’s amazing how a little sunshine can chase the clouds in our souls away, and warm us from the inside-out. How can anyone NOT be happy when the earth is bursting with joy?

Quote from "I Will Not Fail Thee, Or Forsake Thee" - Thomas S. Monson, Oct. 2013
Quote from “I Will Not Fail Thee, Or Forsake Thee” – Thomas S. Monson, Oct. 2013

The Body

Next, I was off to my weekly physical therapy. It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been at this for the past 14 months now. It’s amazing how much time and diligent effort it can take to heal and regain strength from a seemingly small injury on the surface. Today both my PT and I could see how much stronger and more flexible I’ve become.

Quote From “Live Up To Your Inheritance” – Gordon B. Hinckley, Oct. 1983

Spiritual application: How often is it that just the little slips and tears in our faith along our journey can become our biggest stumbling blocks. It takes a lot of time and effort to rebuild and fortify ourselves. In truth, we are always ‘under repair’. Be patient. Be diligent. Never give up! Keep pressing forward!

Quote from “Brethren, We Have Work To Do“, D. Todd Christofferson, Oct. 2012


Today I got to talk to some of the most wonderful people on the planet! Wow. Once again, my love and admiration for folks living in the Southern USA knows no bounds. Seriously. There are a lot of very amazing humans on this planet, and I got to know three more today. If you haven’t discovered it yet – people living in Kentucky are some of the salt of God’s earth – Just saying. [you know who you are]. Shine on!

Quote from “For I Was Blind, But Now I See” – Thomas S. Monson, April 1999

I also got to spend time with my two incredible, amazing, stunningly shiny daughters. Sometimes I just have to look at them in awe and think “did these beautiful beings actually spring forth from my loins?!”

I stand all amazed. I’m so blessed.

“Give Thanks In All Things” – Dallin H. Oaks, April 2003


At the end of the day, my girls and I went to see the animated Dreamworks film called HOME. It’s an incredibly creative story about an alien invasion with a human twist and a lot of heart. It’s a brilliant, funny, sweet, thought-provoking, lovable, inspiring movie that makes you feel good all over and come out feeling happy about living. What’s not to love about that?

We thoroughly LOVED this movie. We give it 6 thumbs and 30 toes up! Some of the many messages are;

  • Family is everything.
  • Our world is a wonderful place to live.
  • Being brave means being willing to sacrifice your fears for what’s right
  • Having hope means trusting that things can work out against all odds
  • Look to the sun and the shadows fall behind you
  • When destructive behavior happens, it usually is because someone is having “sad-mad” emotions
  • Everyone makes mistakes. “Mistakes are what makes us human.” [And even people (or aliens) who make mistakes can still save the world.]
Read “It Isn’t A Sin To Be Weak‘ – by Wendy Ulrich, April 2015

Yep, everyone should see this movie. Seriously. Go. Take your kids. Take your parents. Take your friends. You will laugh together, you will feel good together, you will leave humming all the infectious tunes and quoting all the memorable one-liners. I have a little more faith in humanity after seeing Hollywood create something so good. We need to support this kind of goodness and encourage more goodness to be created.

And there’s more goodness coming! Yay! We saw the trailer for Pixar’s new INSIDE OUT – can’t wait!

It’s sure nice to have a happy-dance kind of day. Thank you, Heavenly Father. Giving You the glory. Life is good. – MoSop


  1. I know a lot of people from Kentucky, and most of us are nothing like the stereotype. We wear shoes and everything (lol). So far, I only actually know one person from Utah, and she is the most kind, loving, uplifting and inspirational person I know. If all Utahans are like that, I may consider moving.

    I’ll have to check that movie out. Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory is the voice of the purple alien, and I love him, so funny.

    Love, Lynne


    1. Aww… You definitely need to get to know more Utahns 😀 Jim Parsons is brilliant. If you love him in Big Bang Theory, then you’ll love him as the alien “Oh”


  2. What a happy inspiring post. We haven’t seen a movie since Christmas! We are going to see this one today! Thanks for pointing it out. Our time here grows shorter by the minute . I keep having melt downs over leaving. Will I ever have such peace and purpose again? Words just can not explain what it feels like to be fully engaged in the work of a full time mission. June is coming way to fast! Love you all


    1. Great! You’ll have to let me know how you liked the movie. It’s hard to believe you will be coming home so soon. I’m feeling sadness for you, too. It’s been so wonderful to share your mission with you and the joy you and Dad have had. Don’t worry, the Lord isn’t through with using the two of you for more great and marvelous purposes. But, as eternal beings, having to experience endings – especially when there has been so much love and joy – are always sorrowful!


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