Viral Video of Blizzard 2016 Captures Mormon Message

I couldn’t help watching the viral video “Snowboarding with the NYPD” more than once. It’s not only entertaining to see the post apocalyptic snow-packed streets of New York City being turned into an epic sporting event, but there’s also a great slow-mo moment capturing the A Savior Is Born Times Square billboards in the background! The tagline “Joy is Born” can be seen above the snowboarder’s head as he proudly carries an American Flag.

It seems like the perfect header for how the video makes us feel – PURE JOY! Despite the epic negative impact of the “Historic Blizzard of 2016” – with over 80 million people impacted…31 dead, 13 states ‘buried’, 12,000+ flights cancelled….a few guys still found a way to make joy out of that snow!

(even the police got in the spirit)


And it sure doesn’t hurt to have that extra reminder – whether subliminal or recognized – of the lasting joy we can all partake in because of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

🙂 Love it! ♥  – MoSop

More Great Messages About Finding Joy

The Peace and Joy of Knowing The Savior Lives – Russell M. Nelson

Joy Is Within Your Reach – Quentin L. Cook

Seeking The Lord – José A. Teixeira


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