Recording Week of Warner/Wilberg

For members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, this week is not for the faint of heart! Everyone in the Choir and Orchestra (and several of our bell choir ringers), plus all the staff and stage crew are spending every night until 10 PM, and all day Saturday sequestered inside the Tabernacle on Temple Square creating a new CD recording.

My view from the choir loft in the Tabernacle is very different this week! 

Release date is slated for May 2018.

The music for our next CD is really special and unique. All of the pieces are original compositions by the brilliant Warner and Wilberg duo.

Lyricist David T. Warner, and Tabernacle Choir director & Master Composer Mack Wilberg have been collaborating extensively – but rather quietly – for many years. Now they will soon be spotlighted and have their amazing talent recognized on a larger scale.

This CD will feature several Warner/Wilberg originals previously unrecorded – including The Prodigal and A Cloud of Witnesses which are choral oratorios based on powerful biblical stories, as well as some shorter pieces which all include inspiring messages of hope, and have tremendous spiritual depth.


The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has a tremendous legacy and has been releasing musical recordings now for 107 years (can you believe it?). I think this recording will be quite different from anything released in the past. I also believe it will be a special treasure – musically and spiritually.

This week is a huge time commitment for all of the hundreds of people involved. It requires being away from home and family, taking time off from work and other responsibilities, and losing quite a lot of sleep. It requires long hours “sitting like statues” holding our breath to ensure a clean take, quietly tapping the beat with our fingers on our hearts to keep the tempo, praying for each other to give a perfect performance on a particularly rough section so we can move on to the next segment, standing for long stretches of time singing through difficult phrases … or sitting for long sections playing an instrument… over and over again until it’s “right”. And despite it all, I feel very blessed to be a part of this massive collaborative experience of epic creative proportion!

Stay tuned for May 2018 – and meanwhile, check out this fun video! – MoSop

What it takes to pull off one Tabernacle Choir recording

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  1. Can’t wait to hear this music. I have more MoTab Choir music than any other on my iPod. This will just increase that amount. I love Mac Wilberg’s arrangements. In some ways, they remind me of Aaron Copeland’s music, only better. I’ll be waiting to download as soon as it comes out.

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